Meet The Team


Megan Gillette ~ CEO; Creative Director
Creating and cultivating experiences has become crucial to marketing in the 21st Century and Megan Gillette is ably equipped to help clients formulate unforgettable events.

Ms. Gillette has a multi-disciplinary background in event management, graphic and environmental design, marketing, retail sales, and strategic re-branding of real estate properties. She is the creative force behind re-branding Lincoln Square and the Glass House. Most recently, Megan is contributing her expertise and skills towards the opening of Spark Museum + Play Café. Ms. Gillette’s experience also parlays on a personal level with weddings, corporate events, trade shows, and private parties. Prior to establishing Lumen, Megan worked for Wolfram Research, an international software company, creating environments for corporate, trade shows, and educational events. After acquiring her real estate license in 2008 and founding two property holding companies, she expanded her interest to commercial spaces and real estate development.

Sonya Darter ~ Event Designer
Ms. Darter has over 15 years experience in planning corporate, fundraising, educational, weddings, and private events. Her experience includes not-for-profit management, museum leadership, interactive and education events, annual strategic planning for corporate events. Most recently, Sonya facilitated innovation deployment for over 35 workshops, peer exchanges, and summits across the United States. Sonya is the Executive Director of Spark Museum + Play Café , an emerging museum in Urbana, Illinois. Sonya looks forward to working with you and making your special event all about you.

Kristin Walters ~ Event Manager & Coordinator
Kristin is dedicated to creating a thriving community through uniquely entertaining community and private events. She has extensive experience in curating wine lists, dedicated food pairings, as well as marketing and promoting events in Central Illinois.