Illuminating your love

Magic. That is what Lumen works hard to create: an almost impossible sense of ease in an environment as beautiful as your imagination. On your wedding day, you should be focused on yourself and your loved ones. Partnering with Lumen for your Event Design and Premium Bar Service ensures your wedding runs smoothly and reflects the powerful love and magic of your new lifelong partnership. You deserve it.

Email to schedule an in-person meeting or phone call. We cannot wait to hear you ideas for your big day!

What you dream is what you get

Event design extends far beyond color schemes and flower arrangements (although we love to do these!). On top of décor, Lumen focuses on how guests move through a space, how to create social areas for optimal comfort and fun, and how to place an impeccable design detail everywhere you look. We customize your event to you, whether you are celebrating at our preferred venue The Prairie Glass House, one of our Signature Spaces or at your dream location.

Event Design Details

  • Tables, Chairs and Décor Rentals
  • Vendor and Guest Logistics
  • Theme Consultation
  • Venue Layout

Tastes to celebrate


Our flagship Glamper: Miss Scarlett!

Champagne? Cocktails? Craft Beer? Bourbon? You can have it all. Working with Lumen, you can customize your bar packages to fit any price point and taste. And the PREMIUM BAR SERVICES means more than what you drink: it’s how you drink it. We match the bar’s glassware, ambiance, and attention to detail to your event. Cheerful servers, thoughtful presentations, delicious drinks, all in your style.

Premium Bar Details

  • Glamper — it’s a glamour camper bar!
  • Custom cocktail lounges inside or outside
  • Bartenders and sommeliers
  • Custom his and her cocktails
  • Libations paired specially for the cuisine

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